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(20/08/2021 to 20/08/2022)
Average Daily Weather
(20/08/2021 to 20/08/2022)
3 hours 23 minutes
(20/08/2021 to 20/08/2022)
Grass minimum
Most rain
24.5 mm
Most sunshine
13 hours 18 minutes
Observers Comment
The average temperature between 20/08/2021 and 20/08/2022 was 10.9ºC, ranging between a low of -2.6ºC on 6th March 2022, and a high of 31.2ºC on 18th July 2022. The sunniest day was 24th April 2022 when it was sunny for 13 hours 18 minutes. There was 709.7mm of rain in total, with the rainiest day being 25th December 2021 when there was 24.5mm of rainfall.
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Rainy days
Rainy Dry Trace

A trace is classed as when more than 0mm but less than 0.05mm of rainfall is measured.
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Temperature measurements
date dry bulb am dry bulb min dry bulb max wet bulb am grass min soil 30cm soil 100cm
20/08/2021 18.4ºC 13ºC 20.8ºC 16.8ºC 9.6ºC 16.5ºC 15.5ºC
Rainfall measurements
date rainfall
20/08/2021 2.2mm
Wind measurements
date wind speed wind direction
20/08/2021 13 knots 160º
Conditions measurements
date cloud visibility present ground
20/08/2021 8/8 6/9 2 1
Sunshine measurements
date sunshine
20/08/2021 24 minutes
Pressure measurements
date pressure
20/08/2021 1011.8 mbar
Humidity measurements
date humidity am
20/08/2021 85.3%
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Any measurements without digitised readings have been omitted from the tables above.